St. Andrew Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Moscow Patriarchate

Schedule of Services

Update: Services for Great Lent and Holy Week are accurate as seen on the calendar. All regular services have returned to their normal times as we move into the 3rd year of pandemic precautions. We are still live streaming. Church school remains paused and we are observing public confession during liturgy, though private confession is available by reaching out directly to Fr Basil. (09-Mar-2022).
Vespers: Saturdays at 6:00pm
Divine Liturgy:  Sundays at 9:30am


We urge to pray for peace in Ukraine and for the refugees and to please consider donating to the IOCC's Ukraine Crisis Response

Upcoming Events


If you are inquiring about St. Andrew or the Orthodox Church, please read A Brief Introduction --- About Us. If you would like to contact us or learn more about visiting for a worship service, please visit the Contact/Visit page .
Covid News

As we have done since the outbreak of the covid pandemic, St. Andrew Orthodox Church continues to try to balance the safety of our community with providing an authentic and freely available worship space and access to the sacraments of Christ. This is a tricky balancing act and we appreciate the kind suggestions and feedback we've received from those who feel like our strategies are too restrictive and those who feel like our strategies are not restrictive enough. We ask for your prayers and patience as we navigate this difficult and contentious time.

In order to try to create the conditions where people feel safe, but also welcome, we are doing the following:

  • Communion: We are adhering to the precautions endorsed by our Bishop regarding the serving and partaking of the Eucharist. However, for those who wish to partake, but are unable or uncomfortable to approach the chalice at this time, you may reach out to Fr. Basil directly to discuss receiving communion.
  • Confession: For the time being, we continue to have group, public confessions before communion on Sunday mornings. If you would like Fr. Basil to hear your confession privately, he is doing so after Vespers. You can also reach out to Fr. Basil to discuss making an appointment.
  • Social distancing and masks: We ask that you be respectful and patient with each other by giving each other space at worship and respecting decisions of those who choose to mask and those who do not. Our nave is large enough for us to be able to spread out. Worshippers who feel like they need additional space are free to make use of the choir loft and cry room during any service according to their comfort level.
  • Coffee hour: We resumed coffee hour in August after a cessation of 18 months. Do not feel obligated to attend whatsoever and if you do, feel free to be masked and to social distance. The decision was made that this was just a vital time for our parish and visitors to gather for fellowship after liturgy all the while mindful that we may have reduced presence during this time of ongoing pandemic precautions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Fr. Basil or any member of the parish council.

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